Corinna Loeckenhoff and Anthony Burrow (Human Development) and Francois Guimbretiere (Information Science)

Mann Library, Cornell Intergroup Dialogue Project, Kevin Ma, Dongwook Yoon

Anthony Ong, Laura Huizinga, The Cornell Healthy Aging Laboratory
Everyone has a story. The Cornell Race & Empathy Project aims to record, archive, and share the everyday stories of Cornellians that evoke racial empathy - the ability to identify and understand the feelings of someone of a different race or ethnicity.

Accumulating evidence documents a racial empathy gap in American society. Conversations that bear on important social, political, and civic issues are often racially contentious and polarizing. Studies also show that interracial conversations can be experienced as stressful, which limits willingness to engage in them. Yet, powerful stories of racial empathy exist, and, when shared, can provide opportunities to celebrate one another’s joy and happiness, or lament suffering and grief.

This installation provides a space for conversation and invites you to listen to other’s stories, record a response, and share your own story. Responses will be archived online.

Respond to a story, or record your own...